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Houses, Houses, Houses!

By Charlene Benson May 26, 2016

Houses, Houses, Houses!

And yet another decision to make:  Which home to buy?  A-1 represents Cavco, Champion and TRU Homes.  All of these are excellent reputable manufacturers.  So we started going in and looking at the homes.  Outside and inside.  Decide what we couldn’t live without.  Made a list.  Made another list of wants that could be cut down or left off, if needed.  Forrest and I both had things that we wanted.  As an architect he appreciated the sturdy construction of the homes and had lots of questions on the set up and technical side.  I, on the other hand, was looking at the layout of the house and what I thought would work for us.  

     So we narrowed it down to four houses:

     #1 Initially, we both liked a Cavco 16 x 60 with two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a wonderful Walk-A-Bay Window.  Cute Cute Cute!  So put that on the list.  Check!

    #2 We also liked one of the smaller Cavco doublewides 28 x 44, three bedroom and two bathroom because it felt roomier and more open.  Great layout! Add to the list.  Check!

     #3 I loved the large Cavco doublewide 28 x 72, four bedroom, two bathroom, huge living room andfamily room, kitchen/dining, utility room…this is a true Texas-sized house.  Spacious like the Texas skies.  Love the rustic color scheme.  This would be my top pick.  Pricing is out of our range but maybe if I wish hard enough we could afford it.  (I did ask Santa for it for Christmas. LOL)  Added to the list also. Check!

     #4 Anyway, lastly, there was a Champion 18 x 76 with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It’s a little more pricey (but still within limits) than the other houses because it has all the bells and whistles.  Upgraded appliance package.  Wind Zone II with OSB sheathing.  Kitchen island with stone front. Tape and texture walls.  Extra axle per section (for Forrest).  72” Soaker Tub (for me). 
Put it on the list.  Check!


     Then to choose:

      #1 Cavco 16 x 60: We checked measurements on the rooms and discussed what we needed not only now but also in the future.  We have two sons in the military and wanted to be sure we had a place for them to come when they were home on leave without having to sleep on the living room couch and this would be an issue for us if they were both home at the same time.  Also, there was just not going to be enough room for our king size bed in the master bedroom with dressers and such.  So we had to mark the cuteness off the list.


#2 Cavco 28 x 44: This house was right at our limit.  We had to consider that the pad and other set up costs were going to be more expensive because it is double wide which means there are two halves to be moved and set up.  Another consideration is if it would fit on the lot with the well and septic systems and required variances.  Reluctantly had to cross this one off the list as well. Uncheck…

#3 Cavco 18 x 72: Unfortunately, this house was over the amount we had set to stay within and Forrest said we didn’t need that much house.
**Sigh** Uncheck **sigh**…

#4 Champion 18 x 76: This is a big single wide with vaulted ceiling that makes it feel more roomy and open.  All of the rooms are a good size.  Has great features and looks wonderful.  Great floor plan.  The price is right and fits our budget.  SOLD!


So with the home chosen, we sat down with Jason to start the process.  At this point, we weren’t even sure if our credit history was going to knock us out of the running but you have to take a leap of faith sometimes.  So we leapt.  Filled out paperwork.  Signed a lot of documents.  Sent them off to lenders that we chose from a list that was available to us.  Then came more…