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Under Construction

By Charlene Benson May 30, 2016

Under Construction

Once the closing was done, we called the GC and he had me get the permit for the well while he worked with the septic contractor for installation of the septic system.

We arranged to meet with the GC to get started on the construction process.  So we met out at the land and he marked out the location of the septic, the home and the well.


Word to the Wise:  Listen up!  We have a half acre lot and this seemed like it would be plenty big for a house with septic and a well.  Let me tell you, this was almost not the case for us.  There are strict regulations regarding the placement of the septic in relation to fresh water sources such as the water well.  Be sure you check this out before you get into the process of purchasing a house and going through the loan process.   The septic has to be 100’ from everything and I do mean EVERYTHING.  The well has to be at least 50’ from the roads and other property.  Our property was 100’ x 200’.  No ifs, ands or buts...  But (hehe, I guess there was a "but") our General Contractor told us that we could get a variance by putting in a submersible pump with cement encased well which would allow us to change from 100' to 50' from septic.  Problem solved!  Had me sweating it for sure!  Let me tell you, a General Contractor who knows his stuff is definitely worth it! 

We got everything straightened out with the well and septic permits and my spy (my mother who lives across the street) sent me photos as things began happening.  How exciting it all is!

So we are on the road to getting the lot completed.  Or are we? (Bom bom bommm…that’s supposed to be suspenseful music…by the way)  It started raining.  Yes.  Rain.  And guess what?  Rain equals wet ground equals…delay…  So here we sit.  Once more…waiting…

Camping trip…1998…Bastrop…kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

So…checking the weather and it’s supposed to be raining on and off for the rest of the month.  Of course, this is Texas and as they say all you have to do is blink your eyes and the weather will change. 

One can only hope.